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This kind of tournament is ideal for players who want to meet new players and new partners in a friendly atmosphere. They are organized regularly by StarGames each time with a Jackpot in the key, so do not hesitate to participate, play and win bets from your opponents.


These tournaments of Belote online need to be pre-registered, in fact it is clear that the tournament can only take place if a number of players have not confirmed their participation. Register directly on the site StarGames to join a tournament, validate your credentials, fund your gaming account (only for adult players) and then make your entry into the tournament. You will receive an email confirmation of your participation in the upcoming tournament.
Belote Tournament Rules

As explained earlier in a tournament can happen, a minimum number of participants is required. The number of players Belote minimum is displayed on the tournament page of the site, however, if the minimum number of players is not reached then the tournament is canceled card game, the bets are made automatically to all registered participants.


Each player must deposit € 10 registration fee for the tournament of cards in exchange will receive 100 tickets, the equivalent of poker chips. The opponents are drawn randomly during the game will put the tickets in the account is done by the end of the game then redistributed according to the results players.

We must wait until the end of the tournament that all parties are completed, it will have to wait before publishing the results of the tournament. Each winner is notified by mail of the prize money he won the tournament.

The final ranking is calculated as follows: Counting tickets accumulated during the tournament of cards and calculating the number of games won / lost, according to the results obtained, the one with the most tickets and having won the most party wins the tournament. If players are Exaequo, then this is the first player to have achieved this first wins.